Lightvessel Spa is officially closed.

Love Yourself Café remains temporarily closed until further notice.


The Lightvessel Spa Experience

Leading Edge Treatments

We offer colonics, cryotherapy, infrared saunas, the renowned Life Vessel series, and other specially curated energetic health technologies.

Wellness Spa

Book an exceptional massage or a custom facial with our expertly trained therapists, in a nourishing and energetically refined environment.

Exceptional Staff

We are proud of our staff and the environment they create with their consciousness, expertise and compassion. We truly care about your well being!

Organic Café

Love Yourself Café is one of Santa Fe’s most beloved foodie destinations, featuring health elixirs, vegan options, and a fully organic, gluten-free menu!

Love Yourself Café

Love Yourself Café is an expression of love and a dedication to helping people heal themselves. We are introducing a new paradigm for self-healing. Our ingredients are the highest quality we can source and our menu is gluten free, organic and nutritional.

The food we serve is simple, yet impressively comprehensive. Our breads are designed to be a complete and healthy meal using quality protein sources, healthy fats and healthy sugar alternatives that will not spike a glycemic response in the body. Our pastries are also designed to be a healthy, loving experience that not only taste amazing, but are also good for you. We incorporate potent elements in powerful and ancient delivery systems to maximize efficacy. Learn more…

Lightvessel Spa

Winter Hours: Mon-Sat 9am-6pm (last appt. at 5pm)

199 Paseo de Peralta Suite D
Santa Fe, NM 87501


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Love Yourself Café

Winter Hours: Mon-Sat 8:30am-3:30pm
(take out & limited hot menu 3:30pm-6pm)
Sunday Brunch: 10am-3:30pm

199 Paseo de Peralta Suite D
Santa Fe, NM 87501
505-983-LOVE (5683)

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