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About Color Therapy

Not many people know or understand what color therapy, also called chromotherapy, is all about. Simply put, it is a healing modality that utilizes the benefits of color in an attempt to positively alter our emotions, moods and overall well-being. Color, which is a type of visible light, also contains electromagnetic energy. Every color of the rainbow contains its own special healing property that benefits specific issues in the body.
Every single cell in our bodies need light energy in order to grow and survive. The eyes convert light (color) into energy that travels through our nervous system, which can affect all body functions. As you experience a “color bath” you may choose to listen to a guided meditation or deep meditative technology.

Including more color into your life can benefit you in so many ways. Remember that each of our chakras has a corresponding color to it. Incorporating more color can help you heal a specific chakra. Therefore you can achieve well-being, while also balancing your chakra’s, by simply integrating a specific color into your life.
A few common issues and their corresponding beneficial colors are:

Headaches: Blue
Allergies: Indigo
Excessive Appetite: Indigo
Decreased Appetite: Yellow
Arthritis: Violet
Asthma: Red

Back Pain: Blue
Cancer: Green
Colds: Red
Coughs: Blue
Diabetes: Indigo
Nausea: Blue

Session time is 25 minutes
Cost of the session is $15.00