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About Dr. Asta Rackauskaite, Ph.D.

Dr. Asta Rackauskaite is a graduate of International Quantum Medicine (IQUIM). She is board certified as a Doctor of Integrative Medicine (IMD), Licensed Spiritual Healer, Medicine Woman and Nutritional Specialist. Dr. Asta Rackauskaite is a quantum activist and passionate supporter of quantum medicine and natural healing, based on newest findings in quantum physics. Quantum Medicine is based on the belief that consciousness is the ground of everything. It is also the way to connect spirit and matter and helps to explain such phenomena as dualism, non-locality, discontinuity and tangled hierarchy. It explores and incorporates the newest findings of quantum physics and how it is instrumental in explaining ancient healing techniques, including Chinese and Ayurveda.

Dr. Asta Rackauskaite is also a Medical Intuitive and she is using dowsing to further personalize your health program and can offer you energetic clearings that will address the emotional trauma,wrong mental meaning and blocks in your energy field. She uses tuning forks, Selenite Swords of Light, crystals, Tibetan singing bowls, flower remedies, herbs and other tools in her healing practice. She also uses cutting edge technology based on Heart Rate Variability (Heart Quest) that is providing critical information to assess the functional state of your body, such as the functioning of ANS, cardio-vascular adaptation, vitamin-mineral balance, neurotransmitter regulation, hormone deficiencies, Chinese element balance, and much more.

Dr. Asta is offering effective solutions to address stress, inflammation, infection, allergies, hormonal imbalances, sleep disturbances, emotional trauma and much more… Dr. Asta uses the following modalities in her practice: acupressure, auricular therapy, spiritual clearings, functional nutrition and life coaching.

  • Cardio-Vascular Adaptation
  • ANS Regulation
  • Neuro-Hormonal Regulation
  • Psycho-Emotional State
  • Brain Toxicity
  • Mineral-Hormonal Deficiencies
  • Meridian/Chi Flo Evaluation
  • Chinese 5 Element Evaluation and Balance
  • Chakra Activity and Tridoshic Balance
  • Herbal Consultation/Recommendations

90 minutes for $129  (recommended 1st time)
60 minutes for $99
30 minutes for $39

Soul Field Clearings using Selenite Sword and Ankh, Tuning Forks, Crystals, Tibetan Singing Bowls

  • Divine Connections
  • Non-Beneficial Thought Form Patterns
  • Higher Self Connection Issues
  • 3 Fields and the Energies that connect them (Mind, Heart, Kundalini and Divine Channel)
  • Clearing Blocks and Interference (Based on Donna Eden Energy Technique and Raymon Grace’s Protocol)
  • Self-Induced Energies

90 minutes for $129
60 minutes for $99

Tuning Forks and Acupressure, Herbs, Functional Nutrition, Energy Balancing.

A.  Quantum Health Evaluation – based on 5 pillars of health
Elimination, Assimilation, Immunity, Oxidation, Regeneration

90 minutes for $129
60 minutes for $99

B.  Health Evaluation based on the 7 Physical and 7 Spiritual Causes
of Ill Health
– as introduced by Hanna Kroeger teachings

90 minutes for $129
60 minutes for $99

C.  Flower Remedies – Selection and Custom Blends

90 minutes for $129
60 minutes for $99

D.  Genetic Nutrition Consultation.
MethylGenetic Nutrition Analysis that incorporates your genetic data. Integrates information from genetic testing, 23and Me, and some lab work.

5 hour session – Total Cost: $399

Assists in balancing autonomic nervous system, improving vagus tone and self-regulation . Balancing is achieved using acupuncture points in the ear with Acupoint Stimulator.

Pacemaker and Pregnancy
60 minutes for $99