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The Life Vessel™ was invented in 1998. Since then, thousands of people of all ages have experienced benefits from this technology. This non-invasive chamber uses light, sound, frequency, and vibration. The Life Vessel is a FDA cleared, Class II medical device that has five U.S. patents. The Light Vessel™ Santa Fe Center will support your approach to wellness with a compassionate staff committed to your highest possibility for health.

Everyone is different, so the number of sessions is dependent on the individual and the severity of the health challenge. The response of your body will determine the total number of sessions required to achieve the level of wellness you desire. Factors that are inherent to the individual’s disorder that may increase the number of sessions required are: genetic defects, neurological, bone or muscular damage, chronic viral, bacterial or fungal disease, cancer and hydration. People who have ongoing chronic traumatic stress, continuous environmental and/or toxic exposure, or genetic tendencies may require The Life Vessel™ on a monthly basis. Once a person reaches their health goal, that person usually requests a follow-up session every 3 to 12 months as a ‘tune-up’ for ongoing health maintenance.

The series protocol is four one hour sessions over a three or four day period. On the first day of the series, you will receive the Elite Bio Resonancy test and Evox Voice Mapping to help identify physical and emotional stress patterns. Please allow 2 1/2 to 3 hrs for the first day.

There has never been a problem with claustrophobic clients. If necessary, the sides of The Life Vessel™ are not locked and can be opened by the client.

We ask each of our clients to take responsibility for all aspects of their well being. We encourage each client to honestly evaluate the toxic aspects of their lives and to make a conscious decision to change. These changes include toxic food, toxic substances, toxic relationships, and especially toxic thinking. In addition, it is very important to drink one gallon of water each day during the detoxification period of 25 days. Once you begin your series and for the following 2 weeks after you complete your series, to get the greatest benefit, protocol recommends: No massage, no acupuncture, no saunas, no heavy exercise, no alcohol and no caffeine.