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Balance and Detoxify the Physical and Emotional Body Using Light
and Frequency Technologies in a Nurturing Environment

There is a certain magic that surrounds Santa Fe, New Mexico. Most of us are aware of the beauty, the culture, the climate and the entertainment. Are you aware of our community commitment to wellness, energy, and fine holistic alternatives? Here at Light Vessel Santa Fe, we have gathered the best of the best in equipment, technology and professional staff designed to create your entry into the heartbeat of well-being. We invite you to experience the wonder of Santa Fe and begin your journey to wellness with Light Vessel Santa Fe.

We offer many holistic health, luxury spa and wellness services at the Light Vessel Spa designed to help you accomplish your wellness wishes. We have created our menu by category to assist you in finding the right service to meet your goals. Looking forward to being of assistance in your commitment to your personal well-being. If you need further information about the holistic health, wellness and luxury spa services available at Light Vessel Santa Fe, feel free to contact us anytime.

If you have any questions, please call.  505-473-1200
Hours: Monday through Saturday from 9am – 7pm (last session at 6pm)