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Love Vessel Non Profit Scholarships

We have been involved with the finest practitioners and treatment modalities in SF for over a decade  helping to facilitate for our guests a full spectrum wellness experience.  We have been involved with teen programs, children and adults with very challenging imbalances… and individuals who are seeking a healthy and balanced life.

Over the years of offering our services, we have seen a great need for people to have financial assistance to facilitate their wellness needs.  As a result, we have formed the Love Vessel non-profit to assist those people in finding support.

We have 2 different categories for scholarships.

  • Individuals of any age who are in need of support with emotional/life challenges.
  • Individuals with physical illness and health challenges.


  1. Individuals must apply for the scholarship with a written essay describing the issues involved, the challenges – physical, emotional and/or financial – and the outcome or goal the individual is trying to accomplish.
  2. The application will be evaluated by the board, and the decision will be communicated to the applicant in a timely manner.
  3. Treatments will be customized for the individual, and full cooperation from the applicant is mandatory.