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Love YourSelf Cafe - a sample of some of our delicious menu items

Caprese Eggs Benedict 
Two poached eggs on savory paleo bread, tomato, balsamic, topped with chimichurri & herbs

Chopped romaine lettuce, rosemary croutons & parmesan tossed in an avocado-garlic dressing

“You’ve been Hatched”
Eggs Benedict  

Two poached eggs on savory paleo bread, tomato, green & red chile

Caprese Salad
Tomato, mozzarella & basil with chimichurri, olive oil & balsamic

Huevos Rancheros
Two poached eggs, corn tortilla, avocado, cheddar, beans, potatoes, red & green chile

Massaged Kale
Kale with avocado dressing, garlic, cilantro, miso, carrot, cucumber and seasonal vegetables Served with quinoa or sprouted brown rice & choice of ghee, olive oil or coconut oil

Gluten Free Waffle
Served with berries & whipped cream and maple syrup

House Mixed Greens
Cucumbers, almond, tomato & parmesan with cilantro-lemon dressing

Ginger & Cardamom Banana Pancakes
Served with fruit, ghee or butter & maple syrup

Nut & Seed Bread
Seven organic nuts, goji berries, chia & almond meal. Served with ghee or butter

LYS “Bliss Cake”
Made with cashews and healthy sugar substitutes. A divine experience! Sample flavors Hazel Coconut Bliss Cake, Lavender Lemon Bliss Cake, Chocolate Raspberry, Bliss Cake, Espresso Mocha Bliss Cake, Mint Chocolate Chip Bliss Cake

Sexy Juice
Beet, apple, kale, cucumber, celery and coconut water

Discover some of our healthy and delicious Herbal Superfood Elixirs… like our Mushroom Experience

Check out our amazing and potent Shots and Shooters… Living Liver, Love Juice, Probiotic Shot and Inflammation Crush


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