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New Life Retreat Overview

Welcome to the New Life Retreat by the Light Vessel Center of Santa Fe.

We are a flexible space offering and catering to an
expanded wellness experience for private retreats.

We offer customized retreats that are centered around the science of spirituality.

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The New Life Wellness Retreat

Our Wellness Retreats are multiple day, non-denominational retreats centered around healing the body as a quantum system of intelligence, and learning how to keep the body and spirit in balance and optimal functioning. You will learn tools to support healthy body chemistry and function through the power of deliberate thought, word, envisioning, and integrating science. Our Compound is secure, private and very supportive to an integrative experience. We incorporate our Wellness facility in downtown Santa Fe, which is 10 minutes from the Compound. This state of the art center has a diverse menu of healing modalities to assist in helping the body detoxify physically and emotionally. Many of the treatments available in the center can also be facilitated in the Compound.The property itself can house between 8-12 people and can be reserved for private retreats subject to approval.

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Main House

​8-10 GUESTS | 3.5 BATH

Guest House

​2-4 GUESTS | 1 BATH

​Our Love Yourself Cafe
Vegan and vegetarian meals can be prepared and delivered from our Love Yourself Cafe.

Labyrinth Night Walk
Labyrinth walking assists us in finding peace and clarity, managing stress, assisting with decision making, self-exploration and reflection.

We offer a variety of massages both on-site and at the Light Vessel Spa.

Thai Reflexology
Stimulate you nerve function, increase energy, boost circulation, and much more!

Treat your body, mind, emotions, heart, and soul – as a whole!

Cranial | Sacral
An extremely relaxing, subtle, yet powerful form of bodywork, that supports loving presence, core centering and flow with the “breath of life.”

Dr.Hamilton M.D
Overseeing IV supplementation and nutrition from glutathione to custom Meyers cocktail.

Dr. Asta
Dr. Asta Rackauskaite is a graduate of International Quantum University for Quantum Medicine (IQUIM). She is board certified as a Doctor Integrative Medicine. (IMD), Licensed Spiritual Healer and a Medicine Woman.

Tranquility Table
Rest on a warm water table as you listen to the sounds of rain with embedded frequencies for deep relaxation and meditation.

DNA Skin

Your facial includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, toning, facial/neck steam massage, extractions, application of DNA Cryo Serum and moisturizing.

Life Vessel

The Life Vessel is a chamber that utilizes frequencies of light, sound, and vibration to balance and detoxify the body, supporting the bodies innate ability to heal itself.

The EVOX is a very effective process for identifying and releasing subconscious emotional stress. A voice map provides empowering opportunities for clearing and releasing.

Steam Sauna

Steam opens the pores and allows the ozone/oxygen through the skin and into the bloodstream. Which allows cleansing of blood, fat, and lymph tissues.

A 1-3 minute cold, fry sauna that stimulates internal organ regeneration and expelling toxins, increased energy, decreased muscle soreness, better sleep and rejuvenation at a cellular level.

Full Spectrum ​Sauna
Different parts of the infrared spectrum are more effective then other at targeting various health benefits.

Fascia Blaster Body Treatment
Following a ZAAZ and sauna session, you will receive a 20 min FasciaBlaster treatment with doTERRA Essential Oils and a Massage Therapist to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Live Blood Morphology
A non-invasive testing method that uses a single drop of blood and viewed through a microscope to asses the current state of health and provide solutions with diet and lifestyle changes.

LCT 1000 ​ Laser
LCT 1000 Laser works at a cellular level producing rapid regeneration, normalization, and healing of damaged cellular tissues.

Lumier Light
This power facial treatment encourages the body to synthesize collagen and release serotonin and dopamine, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

Crystal Seed

Spend an afternoon in the beautiful Pecos Wilderness at the Crystal Seed Project.

This oscillating platform has been shown to reduce inflammation and improve movement of lymph fluid, circulation, immunity, bone density, muscle tone & metabolic rate.

LIBBE Colon Hydrotherapy
Hydrotherapy is a safe, gentle, comfortable, private and effective gravity water system cleansing the inner digestive system.

Our Beautiful Custom Facials are comprehensive, nutritional, and results orientated. All our products are organic and science based. ​

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