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Rejuvenation Package

Detox, de-stress, and revitalize with this special pairing of treatments!

Step 1: You will begin with 30 minutes in our Full Spectrum Sauna to stimulate deep detoxification on a cellular level.

Step 2: The healing process continues with 30 minutes on our PEMF Mat. This technology uses electromagnetic pulses to help restore blocked ion fields and stimulate the body’s own regenerative process.

Package Price: $51 (plus tax). Value: $60
First Time Clients: $30 (plus tax).

Facial Transformation Package
Choose our Acne Package or our Aging Skin Package

Includes:    Custom Facial    Self-Applied Facial Treatment with Red Light Therapy

Step 1: You will start with a 50-minute Custom Facial to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and moisturize your skin. This will be followed by 20 minutes of Red Light Therapy.

Step 2 (a few days later): A follow-up self-applied skincare treatment will consist of a plant acid peel, vitamin C crystals, a cleanser, and a special DNA serum which will continue to support and boost your skin regeneration and renewal. You will finish with another 20 minutes of Red Light Therapy.

Package Price: $202 (plus tax). Value: $238
First Time Clients: $149 (plus tax).

Relaxation and Stress Release Package

Includes:    Custom Body Massage    Custom Facial with Red Light Therapy

Enjoy a 90 minute custom body massage to improve cir­cu­la­tion, relieve pain, prevent illnesses as well as reduce stress and facilitate deep relaxation.

Our 50 minute custom facials include deep cleansing, exfoliation, facial/neck steam massage, and extractions. You conclude with 20 minutes of Red Light Therapy.

Package Price: $253 (plus tax). Value: $298
This package include 2 treatments: choose 1 massage and 1 facial, or choose 2 of either one

Deluxe Detox Package
Cleanse, purify, and invigorate your body… and symptoms disappear!

Includes:    ZAAZ Vibration Plate    Infrared Sauna    Colon Hydrotherapy

You begin with 12 minutes on our ZAAZ Vibration Plate to stimulate circulation and open your lymph. That is followed by 30 minutes in the Infrared Sauna to decrease inflammation, burn calories and begin releasing toxins. You will finish your treatment with Colon Hydrotherapy to boost your immune system, improve regularity, cleanse your colon and release even more toxins.

Package Price: $99 (plus tax) Value: $131.00
First Time Clients: $69 (plus tax).

Rapid Healing and Pain Relief Package

Includes:    Amethyst Biomat    Class 4 Laser

Experience detoxification, rapid healing, and natural pain relief with our Amethyst Biomat and Class 4 Laser. The combination will help you relieve pain and stiffness, reduce inflammation, improve nerve function, accelerate cell growth and improve circulation & cardiovascular function and accelerate tissue and bone repair.

Package Price: $89 (plus tax) Value: $105

Skin Revitalization Package

Includes:    Cryotherapy    Red Light Therapy

The rejuvenation and anti-aging benefits of Cryotherapy include: clear skin, less toxins, cellular regeneration, improved collagen, fewer wrinkles, cellulite reduction, psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema relief, and anti-inflammatory effect.

Red Light Therapy reduces redness, flushing, and broken capillaries, fades scars and stretch marks, and moisturizes. It is also used for treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, acne, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and increasing blood circulation.

Package Price: $71 (plus tax) Value: $84
First Time Clients: $50 (plus tax).

Art Therapy Package

Includes:    Art Therapy    Life Vessel Treatment

Your 40 minute Art Therapy session will use creative healing techniques, such as symbols and metaphors through drawing or sculpting, to learn about your emotional and psychological well-being.

You will follow up with a 20 minute Life Vessel treatment to detoxify, balance the autonomic nervous system, and relax the body. The Life Vessel uses vibration, sound, and light to support the body’s innate ability to purify and heal.

Package Price: $128 (plus tax) Value: $150


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