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About the Life Vessel

The Life Vessel™ is a chamber that utilizes frequencies of light, sound, and vibration to balance and help detoxify the body, allowing it to perform its innate, natural ability to heal itself. Research shows that time spent in the Life Vessel balances the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and helps with stress reduction, detoxification, and pain management. When the ANS is in balance, other systems in the body are affected in a positive way. This powerful and beautiful experience is conducted over three days, and consists of four one-hour sessions. You will also receive Live Blood Morphology and the Evox Voice Mapping to better assess your personal needs. Upon completing the series, it is important to avoid aggressive exercise, saunas, acupuncture, alcohol, caffeine and deep tissue massage for up to 14 days following the last sessions to achieve maximum results.

The Life Vessel™ detoxifies and removes stress from the body. It also helps balance the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). The ANS regulates every conscious and unconscious function and organ within the body. A balanced ANS is critical to a balanced and effective immune system. If the ANS is out of balance, health will deteriorate and may not improve no matter what else is done. When the ANS is in balance, our body will access its innate ability to heal itself. It balances physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Everyone benefits from The Life Vessel™. “The body does not know disease by name.” The body only knows wellness and continually strives for that state of homeostasis. The Life Vessel™ relaxes the body, which allows the Autonomic Nervous System to come into balance, while also balancing the body’s bio-energy field, removing stress and helping the body to detoxify. The results lead to wellness and a healthier and happier individual.

  • I am relatively new to the Live Vessel. I have had my vessel for approximately two months. I wanted to share a couple of personal testimonies with everyone. – Kelley Arnold, DC
  • I recently hurt my knee and while I was waiting to see the doctor, I did a Life Vessel session. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt immediately after exiting the Vessel. Still some pain but I felt better. I ended up having to have surgery, so within about 6 hours post op, I did another vessel session. Again, I was much better and walking without any pain this time.
  • My assistant indicated to me that she was in a great deal of pain one day at the office while I was gone. She said her back locked up on her and she was actually in tears. We use a cold laser and so she ran it on herself and then did a Vessel session. She texted me the next day to tell me how she was at least 75% better with minimal pain and walking fine.
  • We are all amazed at the results of the Life Vessel and are finding more ways to get our structural patients into it. In fact, we might have all our new patients do at least one Vessel session as part of their treatment! (I am a chiropractor who specializes in Kinesiology) Just wanted to share this with everyone. – Kelley Arnold (Wichita location)

Inventor Barry McNew introduces the Life Vessel.

Dr. Christine Horner talks about the Life Vessel

Life Vessel Protocol and Pricing

We ask each of our clients to take responsibility for all aspects of their well being. We encourage each client to honestly evaluate the toxic aspects of their lives and to make a conscious decision to change. These changes include toxic food, toxic substances, toxic relationships, and especially toxic thinking. In addition, it is very important to drink one gallon of water each day during the detoxification period of 25 days. Once you begin your series and for the following 2 weeks after you complete your series, to get the greatest benefit, protocol recommends: No massage, no acupuncture, no saunas, no heavy exercise, no alcohol and no caffeine.

On the first day of the series, you will receive Live Blood Morphology, Evox Voice Mapping and Elite Bio-Resonance to help identify physical and emotional stress patterns. Please allow 2 1/2 to 3 hrs for the first day. This powerful experience is conducted over three or four days and consists of four one-hour sessions.
Cost of the first series is $579.00

Includes Voice Mapping and four – 1 hour sessions in the Life Vessel received over a three or four day period.
Cost of this series $379.00

Receive a significant savings on your Life Vessel sessions by purchasing a 12-session package. Includes (12) one hour Life Vessel sessions. That’s 3 series including Voice Maps for Only $899.00! Value of $1137.00!

Each series will begin with Evox Voice Mapping to help identify physical and emotional stress patterns. Please allow 2 1/2 hours for the first day.

For the best possible results, protocol recommends doing your 3 full series 21 days apart.

Enhance your Life Vessel session with our specialized Creative Healing Arts Therapy! This session includes creative healing techniques including art, movement, mindfulness, nature and intention to support individuals of all ages in connecting to their inner child and to living a vibrant authentic life. Each session is unique and customized to meet your needs! By combining these two therapeutic techniques you are able to dive deeper into your healing process to balance your creative, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellness.

By adding to your series you will experience 45 mins of Creative Healing Arts Therapy on the first and last day of your Life Vessel Series $499
If you are looking to sample the Life Vessel and Creative Healing Arts Therapy (or are just needing a Life Vessel pick me up) we offer 40 mins of Creative Healing Arts Therapy and a 20 minute Life Vessel session! $120

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