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Observations and studies on the healing efficiency of the Life Vessel

I consider my visits to the Light Vessel a crucial component of my health and happiness. The beauty and serenity of the place, the friendliness and genuinely caring nature of all the people who work there, and, of course, the mysterious and wonderful power of the sound and light machines create a one-of-a-kind healing experience that nobody should miss. I have Lumiere Light sessions frequently for one very good reason: I feel so much better afterward, and the sense of balance and peace it brings lasts for weeks. (They don't call it the "Happy Lamp" for nothing!) And after completing two series in the Life Vessel (with more to come), I can say in all honesty I'm not the person I was before. The combination of sound, light, and vibration, coupled with the intention you take in (which you formulate using biofeedback), places you in a space unlike any other and supports you as you work through your own life issues. The first time, I released a traumatic experience from decades ago; the second, I had a gentle face-off with unnecessary patterns of behavior and left them behind. I encourage everyone I know to go to the Light Vessel for healing, peace, and help. It's a blessing beyond description that we have it here in New Mexico.

Julie M. Albuquerque, NM

Life Vessel Treatments

Since 2001 when I first visited the Life Vessel HQ at Cottonwood, I—and subsequently with my colleagues who are senior scientists with national stature— have continued to observe and monitor the data on the persons treated in the Life Vessel. I have personally also spent considerable time discussing with several of the persons involved in some of the most dramatic examples of human healing, the precise details of their own situations before and after treatment. Finally as physical scientists we have studied the device itself, and tried to understand the possible mechanisms of action of the device. In addition to the performance data noted below. The theories of the inventor, Barry McNew, are consonant with what we have learned about the physics of the device. The scientific data on the efficacy In science, as distinct from modern medicine, the gold standard is (repeatable) experimental results; cause and effect; always supported by data, evidence, etc. I have selected four examples in widely different areas of human health.

Scleroderma – I interviewed this person just a short time after she had some of her earlier treatments. Western medicine has given up on this disease. Yet here was a young woman covered in blackened skin, scleroderma’s signature, who had narrowly escaped an amputation of a hand by a couple of exposures to the Life Vessel. That’s it. How did she know? First: no gangrene and amputation. Second, the black skin had retreated dramatically all over her body. Third, the meticulous records from her blood and urine. There in black and white was the incontrovertible evidence that two or three exposures to this sound and light device had caused her system to excrete a high percentage of the Hg and other heavy metals in her blood: (and of course it increased in the urine).

  1. The most impressive datum of the case is the fact that after a dozen or more treatments she was essentially cured. Unfortunately, two years later she was back with a reoccurrence. Now this was the test. Would the same procedures work? They did. The Life Vessels helped dramatically in a Scleroderma case.

  2. Leukemia – In examining the records on the wall in the Cottonwood clinic I was struck by the case of the young man with cancer, lying as it were on a deathbed, essentially given up on by a national cancer center. After some 2 or 3 dozen exposures to the Life Vessel field I met Luke first as a robust, healthy young typical college student bouncing around. After 5 years he is a survivor with zero chemotherapy and zero surgery.

  3. Autism – I was present when two separate gravely autistic children were brought in by their mothers. The demonstration of the 24/7 loving intuition of the mother for the child made a deep impression on me (so much so that I wrote in my Christmas card on the Madonna effect). What was startling to me, as to a senior research cardiologist from Tucson, was the effect of placing the young boy in the Life Vessel. No less impressive of the direct data of the effects of over one exposure to the several discussed that on site immediately afterward with the parents or grandparents.

  4. Melanoma – I take this case also to illustrate the use of sensible technologies to prove a point. The autonomic nervous system is the balance of health. McNew believes that his “revealed” device causes the system to be tuned towards balance But he uses the highest diagnostic the MIT-designed ANSAR machine to measure the person before and after exposure. Fourteen different parameters are measured after all the electrodes are attached, and the differences are obvious—if not easily interpreted in every case—to anyone.

The wealthy melanoma patient had three large km-3 cm size tumors in the brain. Her very distinguished personal physician spent an hour on the phone with her, asking to be assured the Life Vessel could do no harm. Having been assured of that, he gave her encouragement to go to Cottonwood, expecting her to survive for only several weeks. The tumors had reduced and nearly all disappeared in that time and she was off to Europe to live another full year.

Professor Rustum Roy

Prof. of the Solid State, Penn State University
Research Prof. of Materials, Arizona State University
Visiting Prof. of Medicine, U. of Arizona
Chair: Friends of Health

Life Vessel Treatments

I am relatively new to the Live Vessel. I have had my vessel for approximately two months. I wanted to share a couple of personal testimonies with everyone.

I recently hurt my knee and while I was waiting to see the doctor, I did a Life Vessel session. I couldn't believe how much better I felt immediately after exiting the Vessel. Still some pain but I felt better. I ended up having to have surgery, so within about 6 hours post op, I did another vessel session. Again, I was much better and walking without any pain this time.

My assistant indicated to me that she was in a great deal of pain one day at the office while I was gone. She said her back locked up on her and she was actually in tears. We use a cold laser and so she ran it on herself and then did a Vessel session. She texted me the next day to tell me how she was at least 75% better with minimal pain and walking fine.

We are all amazed at the results of the Life Vessel and are finding more ways to get our structural patients into it. In fact, we might have all our new patients do at least one Vessel session as part of their treatment! (I am a chiropractor who specializes in Kinesiology) Just wanted to share this with everyone.

Kelley Arnold (Wichita location)

Life Vessel Treatments

In October of 2015, after being diagnosed with a colon disease (Diverticulitus) and experiencing severe pain, I discovered the Light Vessel Spa and Love Yourself Cafe. As a family condition, and their several surgical treatments, I chose to take another route for my own perfect health, restoration and recovery. Everyone at the Cafe seemed to be filled with light and love. I was introduced to the Chaga tea blend as a supportive tonic of anti-inflammatory and adaptive elements. I was also encouraged to try their 'Inflammation Crush', a custom blend for total digestive health. Now that I was feeling much better, I began my journey with all the magical and energetic healing next door at the Light Vessel Wellness Spa. I began a few treatments and various services that were related to my condition. I really appreciated the care and attention by the staff. After my experiences at the Spa and Cafe, I went back to my primary Doctor for a follow up colonoscopy to find out there is no more inflammation or Diverticulitis. What a relief! I feel so much better now... Thank You to the Light Vessel Wellness Spa and Love Yourself Cafe.

Peter C.

Life Vessel Treatments

The Life Vessel has profoundly shifted my physical, emotional and spiritual reality. I have accessed, viewed, and cleared my personal and genetic stories that were holding me back. I feel more vigorous and alive than ever before. I skied at a higher level than I had before just 3 days after my treatment. My sleep is deep and restful. My son, after 2 sessions , said ‘Mom, you look like a different person!’ He didn’t know I’d been doing anything new.


Life Vessel Treatments

Here, every person, every visit, all the times in the Life Vessel were tender, earnest, exciting and healing for every corner and cell of my body!


Life Vessel Treatments

A few years ago, I began having problems walking and I was experiencing many migraines. After numerous tests, I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in my motor strip. I received three different recommendations for treatment which included everything from a full craniotomy to “come back when you cannot walk at all”! My journey continued with different healers and still my condition worsened. Then I was told about the Life Vessel and after a month long migraine I began treatment. During the first treatment I noticed a difference. By the time the treatment was over, the migraine was gone!! This made a believer out of me! I was astonished to find such an enjoyable treatment that made an immediate impact on my pain. Up to this point, nothing had worked this well. Now, after many treatments, I have had another MRI and I was not surprised to find the tumor was getting smaller because I was feeling so good and my walking is improving to where I do not need a cane anymore!!! The Life Vessel has given me a chance to live a happy pain free life again!

C. T. – Santa Fe, NM

Life Vessel Treatments

I began suffering from panic attacks in 2001, the year after I finished college. The first time it happened I could not get my heart rate to go down for a month. I would wake up every night trying to breathe, pace around outside to get my body temperature down, cry, call my family, call the nurse! I felt like I was drowning above water. At one point I went to the ER to get a breathing treatment which did not work. That’s when I got diagnosed with anxiety. Exercise, sleep, supplements, pharmaceuticals, and diet were my way of controlling these horrible attacks. I lived in fear a panic attack coming on. When my husband got very ill, the attacks began to get out of control preventing me from working at my teaching job. I had to take sedatives that made me feel like a robot. The threat of another attack was constant. Then I was introduced to the Life Vessel. At first, I was a little reluctant to get into this closed chamber. I didn’t think anything could help me because my attacks were so awful. Then the miracle happened for me. After the second session, I began to notice a HUGE difference. After several Life Vessel sessions, I am still amazed and happy to say that I have not had ONE major or even minor panic attack in over 5 years. It continues to be the hugest, most unexpected miracle in my life. Thank you God for the Life Vessel.

R.D. – Santa Fe, NM

Life Vessel Treatments

Thank you for being a light at the end of the tunnel. I went from the worst pain of my entire Life, hunched and wheelchair bound, to swaying my hips and being pain free!